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How are the fence inulators Fitted?

Go to the support section on this web page or visit our facebook for a quick tutorial. If you want support for the rest of your electric fencing system don't hesitate to get in touch.

What spacings do they go at?

We recommend a spacing between our offset electric fence insulators of between 4 and 7.5 metres meaning you can skip posts on the fence line if needed. For our shorter insulators that don't take the electric line as far away from the posts you should put them on every post.

What type of posts can I fix the electric fence insulators on to?

Every Flexizap insulator is designed to be screwed or stapled on to any wooden fence post old or new. As long as the timber isn't rotten your good to go

What kind of Electric fence line can I use?

Flexizap has been designed to work with tape, rope and wire. Wire is more often used by professional fencers so for setting up your own system we recommend tape or rope.

Can I buy from anywhere in the uk?

Yes you can. Anywhere in mainland UK. whether you are in Scotland, Wales, England or Northern Ireland we will deliver your electric fencing products

Can I return the

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